Employment Verifications - Canada
  • 21 Aug 2020
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Employment Verifications - Canada

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Employment Verifications verify previous positions, including dates employed and job title. Each Employment Verification covers a single employer. Employers can add up to 5 Employment Verifications to a single background report.

How It Works

GoodHire uses a three-step process to perform its employment verifications on every candidate. We start by attempting to verify through 40 payroll databases around the world. If we are unable to verify using the payroll databases, we will reach out to the source of truth at the previous employer (for instance, an HR Manager or Payroll Admin). If we do not receive a response from the employer after three attempts, we will reach out to the candidate for records of employment to verify with.


The results tab for Employment Verification displays the status of the check, which information was verified, and what information was used to verify the candidate's education. Employers are able to easily compare the candidate's provided details with the verification results.



Alerts will be returned in two cases:

  1. When there is a discrepancy between what the candidate provided and what the employer said
  2. When GoodHire reaches out to the employer, but does not receive a response.

In the case of a discrepancy alert, an additional panel will show up in the employer verification tab, showing employers what information GoodHire attempted, but was unable to verify.


Employment Verification alerts are typically triggered for the following reasons:

  1. The candidate-reported dates of employment show a discrepancy of more than three months from verified dates.
  2. Employment dates are not available.
  3. The employer has no written documentation to confirm employment dates.
  4. The candidate-reported job title differs from the verified title.

Due to these rigorous standards, discrepancies in Employment Verifications are common, whether intentional or unintentional from the candidate's end.

In the case where GoodHire does not hear back from the employer, the report will display the following:


Occasionally, GoodHire will be unable to perform the employment verification. This will happen in two scenarios:

  1. The candidate provides details for an employer, but requests that GoodHire does not contact the employer.

  2. The employer orders multiple education verifications, but the candidate only provides details for a few employers.

In both cases, the check will be automatically refunded.

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