Education Verifications - Canada
  • 21 Aug 2020
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Education Verifications - Canada

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Education Verification verifies attendance dates, majors, and degrees earned for any educational institution in the world, excluding high schools. Each Education Verification covers a single degree at a single school. Employers can order up to 5 Education Verifications within the same background report.

How It Works

Each Education Verification confirms the details of one degree or certificate at one institution. GoodHire will typically perform the Education Verification by directly using the registrar's database of each institution being verified.

Education Verifications do not reveal a candidate’s entire academic history, or provide transcripts or recommendations.


The results tab for Education Verification displays the status of the check, which information was verified, and what information was used to verify the candidate's education. Employers are able to easily compare the candidate's provided details with the verification results.



Alerts will be returned in two cases:

  1. When there is a discrepancy between what the candidate provided and what the institution provided
  2. When GoodHire reaches out to the institution, but does not receive a response.

In the case of a discrepancy alert, an additional panel will show up in the education verification tab, displaying the information that GoodHire attempted to verify, but was unable to.


Education Verification discrepancy alerts are typically triggered for the following reasons:

  1. The candidate-reported dates of enrollment show a discrepancy of more than one semester/three months from verified dates.
  2. The candidate-reported degree differs from the verified degree (Master's vs. Bachelor's, etc).
  3. The candidate claims a degree but the school will only confirm enrollment.
  4. The candidate claims a degree but the school can only confirm that the candidate is working toward the degree.
  5. The candidate-reported major differs from the verified major.

Discrepancies in Education Verifications are common, whether intentional or unintentional from the candidate's end.

In the case where GoodHire does not hear back from the institution, the report will display the following:


Occasionally, GoodHire will be unable to perform the edcuation verification. This will happen in two scenarios:

  1. The candidate provides details for an institution, but requests that GoodHire does not contact the institution.

  2. The employer orders multiple education verifications, but the candidate provides details for fewer institutions than requested.

In both cases, the check will be automatically refunded.

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