Statewide Criminal Records Search
  • 27 Jan 2020
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Statewide Criminal Records Search

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The Statewide Criminal Records Search scans criminal records at the state level, in a state of the employer's choice, and returns records that have been passed along to state-level courthouses. It accesses sources such as the State Judicial Court System, State Police, State Department of Law Enforcement, or the Administrative Office of the Courts. Records returned include infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies, such as DUIs, DWIs, assault, theft, and burglary.

Results are guaranteed to find all records within 7 years, but may also find older records that are readily accessible.


The Statewide Criminal Records Search can be added on to any of GoodHire's available background check packages.

Reviewing Results

If no records are found, the Statewide Criminal Records Search tab will display a clear status, alongside the candidate provide information that was used to run the search.



If there are any records that match the candidate's name and date of birth, they will be displayed in the results tab of the Statewide Criminal Records Search. Each record displays the record source and offender details.


Clicking "Show More Details" at the bottom of each record will expand the record to display the offenses attached, with each offense record containing substantial information about offense type, date, and outcome.


Turnaround Time & Additional Fees

Turnaround Time for Statewide Criminal Court Searches is typically 1 to 3 business days, depending on the state that is being searched. For more information on specific state turnaround times and court fees, please refer to our Statewide Searches Coverage Document.


The records returned will only show convictions and pending cases. You will not see any non-convictions or dismissals on the report. Records will always include the name of the crime, the verdict, and the date of the verdict. Any other information included is optional.

Frequently Asked Questions

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