Release Notes
  • 13 Jul 2022
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Release Notes

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July 2022

No release notes available.

June 2022

Enhancement: GoodHire no longer requires a manual consent form upload from the candidate in order to process New Hampshire motor vehicle record searches. Therefore we've removed this requirement from both the employer and candidate information complete flows.

Enhancement: GoodHire no longer requires a Utah registration code for employers running motor vehicle record searches in Utah. Therefore we've removed this requirement.

Bug Fix: Dashboard results are not displayed when applying two separate filters. Fixed an issue where results were not being filtered correctly on the GoodHire dashboard when selecting alert + (any evaluation status). 

Bug Fix: Billing code should not be required for integrations orders.

May 2022

GoodHire user can add multiple phone numbers to their account


All GoodHire users


All GoodHire users can now add additional phone numbers to their account, such as their mobile, business, or home phone. When a user has multiple phone numbers tied to their account, one can be selected as the default contact number. This allows GoodHire to maintain the most up-to-date contact information.


The GoodHire logo has been updated to reflect “GoodHire A Checkr Company”


All GoodHire users


The GoodHire logo has been updated to reflect the April 2022 acquisition by Checkr.

Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where the logo image in receipt email is displaying very large in Outlook 

Bug Fix: Fixed a bug where Drug Screening quick test tab is showing for accounts with Quick Tests disabled

April 2022

GoodHire users can now search for candidates on the dashboard by last 4 digits of their SSN#


All GoodHire Users


GoodHire users can now search for candidates on the Hiring Results dashboard by typing in the last 4 digits of the candidate’s social security number. Results will be dynamically populated based on the user input.



March 2022

  • ENHANCEMENT: An email requesting additional information and/or consent from the candidate is now automatically sent when a GoodHire user unlocks a locked report from the dashboard.
  • ENHANCEMENT: Integration users will receive an email notification if an order fails to process due to a disabled or under-permissioned user.
  • Bug Fix: Users were previously unable to add American Express as a payment method.

February 2022

GoodHire users can access new field for inputting their PennDot Access Code


All GoodHire Users


We’ve added a new field, Pennsylvania PennDot Code, to the GoodHire application. Users ordering screening packages that contain a motor vehicle records check in the state of Pennsylvania are required to obtain this code – please click here to access the Pennsylvania MVR Instructions.

If an organization has already obtained a PennDot Code, GoodHire users can easily add it to their Company Profile page in the MVR Details section.

  • ENHANCEMENT: GHAPI’s ProductBundle endpoint now returns bundle type and country. This will allow you to easily see if a bundle is default, custom, or an addon, and what country everything is offered for.
  • ENHANCEMENTS for handling Pennsylvania Motor Vehicle Record Searches
    • New automated email is sent to a user when an active order contains a PA MVR search but the company has not yet obtained the necessary PennDot access code.
    • New automated email is sent to all company administrators when a PennDot code is inputted into the GoodHire company account.
  • Bug Fix: Exporting CSV on Order History page generates a file with unexpected format for the Charge column.

January 2022

Improvements to GoodHire and Candidate flows for Pennsylvania MVR orders


All GoodHire users and candidates with a PA MVR as part of their background check


Pennsylvania motor vehicle record checks (PA MVR) no longer require a candidate’s manual consent form in order to process with the DMV. PA MVR checks do require an organization to obtain a PennDot access code however so we’ve added a notification banner on the organization’s dashboard providing instructions on how to obtain the PennDot code. This banner will only be present when we detect a PA MVR check as part of a candidate’s background check and the organization has not yet obtained the PennDot access code.

Convert KS & SC county criminal checks to statewide criminal checks 


All GoodHire users with a county criminal search within a defined list of Kansas or South Carolina counties


Some counties within the states of Kansas and South Carolina have begun redacting full date of birth for criminal checks. This presents a challenge for accurately comparing candidates to criminal records because date of birth is vital information for candidate matching. To ensure the highest stringency of candidate matching, GoodHire will now automatically adjust impacted county criminal checks to statewide criminal checks, which will provide full date of birth.

County-to-statewide search conversions are denoted in the GoodHire application within the Consumer Report details.

Impacted Counties:


























South CarolinaJasper



Other Enhancements and Bug Fixes:

  • ENHANCEMENT: Customers with Billing Codes will now navigate to the Settings tab to manage their saved Billing Codes in an effort to streamline content management. 
  • ENHANCEMENT: Invoice customers will now see their invoices as soon as they click on the Billing tab for increased efficiency. 
  • ENHANCEMENT: All Billing Codes will now be available to select on the checkout screen without the need to search. Previously display was limited to the first 20 codes. 
  • BUG FIX: Prepaid invoice PDFs are not automatically generated.
  • BUG FIX: Package with mismatching country should not be allowed to be ran for existing candidate.
  • BUG FIX: Self checker pass-through fee displaying higher than expected.

November/December 2021

Partner Access Management


Admins of companies using partners integrated directly into GoodHire API.


You may now Authorize, Revoke, and Re-authorize integration linkages for GoodHire partners. This allows you to remove all access from a partner after you are no longer using an integration, enabling an integration that is newly added, or re-enabling an integration that was previously authorized, and later revoked.

These linkages and statuses are shown to company admins on the “Company Settings” page within your account.


Candidates only can edit this information


Problem: Today, once the user goes to the ‘GIVE CONSENT’ page, they are unable to edit their name and other information. If any information is incorrect, candidates would need to contact support to get their information changed if the check is even at a stage where information could be changed. Depending on the check, some of the results may be returned shortly after consent was given, which means the check would be inaccurate or incomplete. 

Solution: In order to try to get the most accurate data from the candidate before the check is submitted, we are now allowing U.S. candidates to edit their information up to the point that they agree to the consent of the background check. We are introducing a new confirmation screen, as well as a tooltip and a way to navigate bfrom the consent page to the edit information page.

Bug Fix: Screening packages containing "employment verification by time period" will now work with our single employment verification products.

October 2021

Employer can see 'Contact After' date for Employment Verifications on Dashboard, Report Overview, and Consumer Report Views

Available for

All Goodhire users and administrators that can view orders


GoodHire candidates have the ability to set a 'contact after' date for their current employer. This means that GoodHire cannot verify their current employment until after the date provided, which delays the processing of an employment verification to the date provided. Previously GoodHire users were unable to see the 'contact after' date anywhere in the dashboard or in the report.

Going forward, GoodHire users will see a "Contact After" date on the dashboard and report view when we're awaiting a date to contact an employer for a verification.

Hiring Results | GoodHire - Watch Video

GoodHire Connector for ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation

Available for

ADP Workforce Now Next Generation customers


The GoodHire Connector for ADP Workforce Now® Next Generation is now live!  Keep your hiring simple and easy as you conduct background checks. Our integration with ADP makes it easy to keep your hiring process moving.

To learn more about enabling and using this integration, please see our help center article: 

We've upgraded the GoodHire Dashboard!


The GoodHire dashboard is getting an upgrade. A new search bar will allow GoodHire users to:

  • Search for background checks by the candidate's first name, last name, or email address
  • Filter checks based on the user who placed the order
  • Filter checks based on the background check status
  • Filter checks based on the organization or location that placed the order (Hierarchy only)

Other notable changes:

  • The tile filters along the top are reorganized. The new order of tiles is based on user feedback and more of a concept of the actual flow a candidate’s background check proceeds in (from start to finish status).
  • Bulk actions are more discoverable – download checks, archive, or resend candidate consent requests easier using the bulk actions.
  • New setting to open candidate background checks into a new tab. This can be enabled within the Company Settings page on the account.
  • Setting the "Items Per Page" on the dashboard saves as the default for the user. No need to worry about changing this each time you login anymore!

A new dashboard tour will introduce users to the changes when they first see this new page. For more information, please visit Using the GoodHire Dashboard.

Report and Adjudication Status added to SmartRecruiters Integration


We have added an option to our SmartRecruiters integration to get your GoodHire report and adjudication status (if applicable) shared to your candidate’s SmartRecruiters notes. To enable this feature to your GoodHire <> SmartRecruiters integration, please reach out to your account representative.

Bug Fix: Candidates were not able to view the status of their background check when we were awaiting a date to contact their current employer.

September 2021

Enhancement: Added “Source” to statewide searches with special source.

Enhancement: Added candidate home address and email address to report overview so employers can easily move candidates from their ATS to HRIS system.

Bug Fix: Users were still receiving candidates from Greenhouse after disabling their integration within GoodHire. This has been fixed, and will now correctly block all incoming candidates when the integration is marked as disabled. 

Bug Fix: Some education verifications were showing the enrollment status as “Currently Enrolled” instead of “Graduated”. This has been fixed to correctly show the enrollment status. 

Bug Fix: GoodHire users are now able to resend the request for information to candidates where a Canadian background check was ordered.

July 2021

We’re providing better visibility for an employer’s custom message to a candidate


All GoodHire users


The custom message that can be added to a candidate's email has been shifted up, providing better visibility for candidates to see the message.

This is where the custom message is inputted (this is after placing the order)


This is where the custom message is now shown in the candidate’s email


Testing reason can now be selected when ordering a drug screening


Users ordering drug tests


Drug testing programs vary from company to company. Historically GoodHire only provided pre-employment drug screening to its customers. Going forward, customers will be able to select the drug testing reason from the following list of options: 

  • Pre-Employment
  • Reasonable Suspicion/For Cause
  • Post Accident
  • Random
  • Return To Duty
  • Follow Up
  • Promotion
  • Other

Read more about drug test reasons in the Help Center. Pre-Employment will be selected by default.

Candidate entering info

User entering info

Bug Fixes/Enhancements:

  • To save candidates time when entering information for their background check, we’ll now automatically populate the “Day Phone” and “Evening Phone” for their drug screening based on the phone number they’ve provided earlier in the process.

    This was already implemented on GoodHire employer flow in a previous release.

June 2021

Improved Candidate Communication


GoodHire candidates


We’ve updated our candidate email when we detect an alert on their background check. We’ve added additional information about what may have led to the alert along with new Help Center links that explain more to help address frequently asked questions.

In addition, we’ve updated our button within the email communication to “VIEW ALERT”, which will navigate the candidate directly to the alert on their report (after logging in).

May 2021

GoodHire candidates and self-checkers will now see status bar on their background check


GoodHire candidates and self-checkers


In our last release cycle, we started sending candidates a new email that allows candidates to login and view their report while it’s processing and up to completion. In this release cycle, we’re adding a status bar to the ‘Overview’ tab of the candidate report. This status bar allows candidates to see their estimated completion date of their background check.

GoodHire candidates / Self-Checkers receive “Welcome Email” when their background check begins processing


GoodHire candidates and self-checkers


A new automated email will be sent to GoodHire candidates and self-checkers once their background check begins processing. The goal of this email is to:

  • Provide assurance that the candidate/self-checker’s information was successfully submitted.
  • Provide a link for candidate/self-checker to check their background check status at any time.

NOTE: The welcome email is sent even when candidate information is provided by a GoodHire user.


GoodHire Candidates


April 2021

GoodHire user can add/edit their phone number and extension

Available to all GoodHire users


GoodHire users will now be able to add or edit a phone number linked directly to their own profile. The ‘Phone’ and ‘Ext’ fields are optional and extension numbers can be up to 6 digits long.

Previously users would have to rely on a single company phone number at the company profile level or have the GoodHire support and success teams manage the customer phone number.

Improved UI to search for and select Billing Codes at checkout

Available to all users subscribed to Billing Codes


Improved dropdown with filtering functionality so that users can search for, or narrow and browse for the correct billing code. 

Bug Fixes/Enhancements:

  • Unable to "Download Condensed Report" if Federal Civil search is in results 

“Ready for Review” status for Employment and Education Verifications

Available to any organization ordering employment or education verifications


Historically, if an education or employment verification returned with a discrepancy in a date, title, degree, or major, the report would return as an “Alert”.  To help distinguish between a verification that was successfully completed with a discrepancy, versus other alerts, we will begin marking those results with discrepancies as “Ready for Review”.

The status will be shown on any education or employment verification that includes discrepancies that previously were marked as “Alert”. The overall report status will also reflect this status if all other sections of the report are “Clear” or also “Ready for Review”.  The verification can be “Marked as Acceptable”, which will update the verification status to “Reviewed”.

New Greenhouse Integration

Available to all new Greenhouse integration customers -- existing customers can switch when ready


The new Greenhouse integration allows for simple setup and usage. Instead of creating webhooks, creating custom fields, and more, all that’s needed is to copy an API key provided from the account settings to a customer’s Greenhouse account rep, and they enable the integration from there.

Once enabled, a new “GoodHire” stage is added to the customer’s account. They can add this to any job, and when ready, click “Send Test” from this stage to order a report. Report status and a link to the results are shared directly to the assessment within Greenhouse.

Bug Fixes/Enhancements:

  • Users can now order Upper and Lower Civil Court Search in single order
  • Users see updated, more accurate International turnaround time estimates during the purchase process for out-of-country candidates 
  • “Healthcare” Ongoing Alerts have been updated to specify more accurate search scope of “Healthcare Sanctions Search - OIG/SAM” 

March 2021

Combine hiring result status "Awaiting Info" with "Missing Info"

All GoodHire employer users.

To reduce confusion on the differences between “Awaiting Info” and “Missing Info” statuses, we’ve combined them. Customers will no longer see “Missing Info” status on the dashboard. The filter on the status bar of the dashboard has also been updated to reflect the change. We now combined “Awaiting Info” and “Missing Info” filters into one, called “Info Required”, meaning the candidate report will not start to process until additional information is provided. “Info Required” currently includes the following scenarios:

  • Awaiting information from the candidate (candidate has been sent the link to complete their info but has not yet started)

  • Missing information from the candidate (partial candidate information inputted)

  • Awaiting drug test scheduling (candidate has not yet scheduled their drug test)

New tile filter on the dashboard, "Results Ready for Review"

All GoodHire employer users.

We have added “Results Ready for Review” as a new filter on the status bar on our dashboard. This filter includes professional reference checks that are ready for review. 

New notification badge on the results pages

All GoodHire employer users.

We added a new notification badge on the result pages to help employers identify which background check result has alerts or are ready for review more easily and quickly. The counter in the badge allows employers to see how many screens completed with an alert or are ready for review. 

Bug Fixes/Enhancements:

  • Bug Fix: Fixed company’s default message not being included in candidate emails for orders placed via API integrations and bulk orders.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed “Re-Run Report” not showing on integration report pages.

February 2021

Approve pass-through fees for all candidates at once

Users authorized to make purchases.

Users can now approve pass-through fees for all pending candidate screens at once. 

  1. Login to your GoodHire account

  2. If there are pending fees for approval, a notice will be displayed on the Dashboard

  3. Click “Review Fees” 

  4. You’ll be presented with a screen to approve all pending fees. Simply select the fees which you’d like to approve and click “Continue” to review and confirm acceptance of the fees.


Learn more about Pass-Through Fees in the Help Center.

Update style for hiring result statuses

All GoodHire employer users.

Updated current icon colors and copy on the hiring result dashboard to communicate better which status is more urgent. 

  1. Updated the icon color for "expired" status from red to grey. 

  2. Update the icon color for "awaiting info" “awaiting confirmation” "awaiting consent" “awaiting date””locked” from grey to red.

  3. Update “Action Required” to “Pending Fees”

Updated email communication when report completes with expired screens

All GoodHire employer users (ordering both US and non-US screens); Candidates purchasing their own report.

We’re now sending a different email to users when their report finishes with an expired screen.

GoodHire users can now select additional “Archive Period” values

All GoodHire employer users.

We’ve added additional archive period values of 120 and 150 days. This allows GoodHire background checks to remain on the Hiring Results dashboard for up to 120 or 150 days before being automatically archived. This setting can be changed on the Company Settings page.

GoodHire users see a new validation pop-up after uploading a bulk order file

Available to GoodHire employer customers with our Bulk Order feature enabled.

GoodHire users will now see a validation pop-up window after uploading a bulk order CSV file. This pop-up will allow users to see all rows of the CSV file being uploaded, in order to verify candidate information is correct before the orders begin.

GoodHire API partners and customers see international bundles from the Product Bundles endpoint

GoodHire employer customers using GHAPI or Rippling integration to order international orders.

GoodHire employer customers that retrieve bundles from the Product Bundles endpoint will now see their international bundles included in the response.

Bug Fixes/Enhancements:

  • Bug Fix: When an account switches from prepaid to invoicing, automatically transfer prepaid balance as a credit memo.
  • Bug Fix: Customer unable to pay invoice online when there was a debit memo for additional pass-through fees.
  • Bug Fix: SmartRecruiters integration was placing duplicate orders for customers.
  • Enhancement:Updated the way “Expired” sections on the GoodHire report are displayed.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed alignment of drug screening setting value in GoodHire platform.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where some users were receiving a redirect error while trying to confirm candidate info for an International Criminal Records Search.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed issue where opening results with an alert would first open the tab to the overview section.
  • Bug Fix: Fixed an issue where customers incorrectly received a late notice email when their invoice balance was equal to $0.00. 
  • Enhancement: Updated link to view pass-through fees from “Approve Fees” to “Review Fees” to reduce customer confusion.
  • Refactor: Pay-Per-Use - The candidate’s current jurisdiction will be charged for in the price of the package at the time of order, and each additional jurisdiction will be charged as a new order. Previously, the original charge was refunded and each jurisdiction reported on was charged as a new order. This refactor will eliminate the requirement to refund the first jurisdiction. This refactor will also allow for credit card customers to purchase this product.

January 2021 

Federal Civil Searches no longer require “eligible for 10-year scope” and salary validation

Available to all employer customers.

'Federal Civil Court Search' product uses only records within the past 7 years for a candidate, therefore we do not need the "10-year scope" and salary validation when this product is ordered.

GoodHire users and candidates no longer see “SAVE FOR LATER” and “Go to Next Step” links

Available to all employer customers and GoodHire candidates.

When providing candidate details, the "Save For Later'" button only works for completed forms. For partially completed forms, all of the information is lost upon leaving the form. For GoodHire users, there are also links to “Go to Next Step” that were redirecting the user to the same page.

Bug Fixes:

  • When users on iPhone try to use apostrophes, they are entered as left or right single quotes, and previously not accepted in GHAPI. We now accept this symbol, and convert it to apostrophe.
  • When placing an order from “Queued Results” in a hierarchy, the candidate didn’t correctly change ownership. This is now fixed.
  • Users navigating hiring-results to the developer dashboard would be redirected back to hiring-dashboard sometimes. This is now fixed.

December 2020

New Email Preferences

Available to company administrators only.

We've added two new email preferences for company administrators. Administrators now have the ability to receive notifications for orders placed by other users on the same account: when the report is completed and when candidate information is missing.

To enable these notifications, please click on Account > My Profile, and scroll down to the Email Preferences section. To learn more, please visit the My Profile FAQ page.

November 2020 

International Candidate Screening now available

Available to all employer customers. Product made available through GoodHire Sales, Customer Success or Customer Support.

Streamline your international hiring needs with GoodHire! Our newly expanded global platform now offers Criminal Record Checks, International Education Verifications, and International Employment Verifications for candidates who currently reside outside of the United States. Learn more about International Candidate Screening in our Help Center, or contact your Customer Success representative or Customer Support to add an International Screening package to your account.

“Log In With Google” now available

Available to all employer customers. 

We have made signing into your GoodHire account easier by adding in “Log In With Google.”  If your company uses Google Workspace (formerly G Suite) as your email provider, you can now login with a single sign-in.  No additional configuration is required, simply ensure that your GoodHire account email address is the same as your Google Workspace environment, and that’s it!

Receive “Report Completed” emails for candidate report orders placed by other users on your account

Available to company administrators.

You can now opt-in to receive email notifications for completed candidate reports ordered by other users on your account! As a company administrator, follow these instructions:

  • After logging in to GoodHire, click on ‘Account’ along the left menu
  • Scroll down to ‘Email Preferences’ section
  • You’ll see a new setting “For everyone else’s orders on our account, email me when: Report is complete” > Click the toggle to turn ON

October 2020 

Download up to 50 reports at a time

Available to all customers. 

We've made it easier for you to download multiple GoodHire reports in a single action, by increasing the limit from 10 to 50.

September 2020 

Canadian Checks

Available to all customers.

GoodHire has expanded our product offering to include screening services for candidates who live in Canada!  We now offer four types of background checks of Canadian residents:

  • RCMP Criminal Records Check & ID Verification 
    • ID Verification required for RCMP check. 
  • Education Verification 
    • Verifies education history for global institutions (Canadian and non-Canadian)
  • Employment Verification
    • Verifies employment history for institutions based in Canada and elsewhere in the world. 
  • Motor Vehicle Records Search 
    • Verifies driving records for Canadian and US driver’s licenses.  (Not available for Alberta and Quebec licenses.)  

You’re eligible to add Canadian screening to your account if you have an office in the United States. Payment must be made in US Dollars. 

Visit our Help Center to learn more.

Professional Reference Checks

Available to all customers.

We have a new product to help save you time, Professional Reference Checks. Let GoodHire help you gather valuable insights from your candidates’ references. Our check covers key areas that wouldn’t be included in an employment verification, such as how well they work with others, communication skills, strengths, and areas for improvement. We ask “open-ended” rather than “yes/no” questions to get the detailed info and perspective you need. Our reference check not only will help you understand the candidate better in terms of your hiring decision, but also will help you get off to a great start with onboarding and supporting that candidate should you move ahead.

This product is available under the “Verifications” section on the add-on’s page. Price is per unique reference, although you can add up to five Professional Reference Checks per candidate.

Visit our Help Center to learn more.

August 2020

New integration with ADP Workforce Now

Available to all customers.

Your GoodHire account can now be connected to your ADP Workforce Now account. Enabling the ADP Workforce Now integration allows you to easily send candidates' details into GoodHire to speed up the ordering process. Check status and links are sent back to ADP Workforce Now, allowing you to easily see a candidate's overall status within one place.

View and purchase the ADP connector via the ADP Marketplace.

Visit our Help Center to learn more.

July 2020

Canceling checks from your dashboard

Available to all customers. 

You can now cancel a check from your account dashboard if it has not started processing. To cancel, just follow the steps listed below:

  • Find the check you'd like to cancel on the dashboard
  • Expand the details by clicking on the arrow on the right side
  • If the report has not started processing, you will see a "Cancel" button
  • Click the button and confirm cancellation

If the background check has already started processing and you would like to cancel an individual search, please contact our Support Team as soon as possible or call 888-906-4284.

Sales tax collection starting July 1

Starting July 1, 2020, GoodHire will be required to collect and remit sales tax on the background check services we offer to you.

Sales Tax Exemption Certificate

If your business has a sales tax exemption certificate, please scan it and email a copy to [email protected] (if you haven’t done so already). If you’re not sure if your business qualifies for sales tax exemption, please contact a tax professional or the Internal Revenue Service.

Payment Policy Update - Sales Tax Exemption

We’ve updated our Payment Policy to allow sales tax refund requests for sales tax-exempt purchase(s) in the previous 90-day period from when we receive your valid sales tax exemption certificate. 

For more information about sales tax collection and which states tax is applicable, please visit our Help Center.

June 2020

DOT drug screening & breath alcohol tests now available

Available through the sales department at this time.

If your hiring practices are subject to DOT regulations, GoodHire now offers screening services to help. As of June 18th, GoodHire offers DOT-compliant drug and alcohol testing. We have added the DOT 5-panel drug test and the DOT Breath Alcohol test. 

Our DOT 5-Panel Drug Screening complies with DOT drug testing regulations for CDL employees. It includes a lab-based urine drug test that detects any of 5 controlled substances, and screens candidates for: Marijuana (THC), Cocaine, Amphetamines (including Amphetamine, Methamphetamine, MDMA, and MDA),  Opioids (including Codeine, Morphine, 6-AM (Heroin), Hydrocodone, Hydromorphone, Oxycodone, and Oxymorphone), and Phencyclidine (PCP). The DOT 5 panel test checks for additional Opioids that are not screened in a standard 5 panel drug test. 

We have also updated our MVR reports so that they contain all information required by the DOT, including applicable medical certification.  GoodHire is working on developing additional screening services that will be applicable for DOT regulated companies, and we look forward to updating you once those are ready for you to order.  

Contact sales for more information.

May 2020

Enhanced Employment Verifications for more flexibility

Available to all customers.

GoodHire recently expanded its Employment Verification capabilities to give you more flexibility and increase the successful verification rate. In addition to our standard Employment Verification, which makes up to five attempts over five business days, we’ve added three new types of Employment Verifications. New options include:

  • Adding the ability for a candidate to upload a W2 for manual review
  • Increasing the length of time allotted to attempt to contact an employer 
    • choose up to five days OR up to nine days. Up to five attempts in both cases.
  • Using the employer phone number provided by the candidate
    • choose to use the verified number, or the number provided by the candidate. 

Auto-approve fees up to a threshold you specify

Available through your account manager.

You can now set a threshold to automatically approve pass-through fees up to a maximum of amount. Any fees that exceed the threshold that you set will require your approval before proceeding. Reach out to your account manager for more information and to set up a fee threshold.

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