Puerto Rico MVR Instructions
  • 08 Jul 2022
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Puerto Rico MVR Instructions

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Keep In Mind

The Puerto Rico Authorization for Release of Driving Record requires the Employee or Applicant’s signature.

Instructions To Complete The Form

Use the visual guide below for assistance.

Download a blank Puerto Rico Authorization for Release of Driving Record form

Employee or Applicant’s information should be provided in the following fields:

  • 1A / 1B: First and last name (Both sections are the same, and only one is required to be completed)
  • 2: Full Name (First, Middle, Last)
  • 3: Last Name
  • 4: Mothers Maiden Last Name
  • 5: Address
  • 6: PR Driver License Number
  • 7: Date of Birth
  • 8: Social Security Number
  • 9: Expiration dateof driver license
  • 10: Leave blank
  • 11: Employee or Applicant’s signature

How To Submit The Completed Form To GoodHire

Find the Candidate’s name listed on your GoodHire Background Check dashboard and click the Action link. The Action link will open the Candidate Consent page where you’ll find the section for Puerto Rico Authorization for Release of Driving Record. Follow the instructions on the screen to upload the electronic copy to GoodHire. When the form is successfully uploaded, click Complete.


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