International Employment Verification
  • 04 May 2022
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International Employment Verification

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International verifications for US school or US employment are unavailable. Currently placed orders will be canceled and refunded. We will provide an update when we are able to resume service.

This verification screens a candidate currently residing outside of the United States who has previously worked in any of 223 countries, including their current country of residence. Candidates may live in any of the countries on our Global Candidate Coverage list.

Results may include employer’s name, dates of employment, and position/title. Each International Employment Verification covers a single employer.

To screen residents of Canada, please view our Canada Employment Verification help section.

To screen residents of the United States, please view our International Employment Verification - U.S. Resident help section.

Turnaround Time

Turnaround time is typically 9 to 10 business days, and may depend on the specific employer.


The GoodHire Customer Support and Customer Success teams can help you get enabled with checks for candidates in non U.S. countries. Once your account is set up for a specific country, you'll be able to order background checks for candidates living in that country.


Once your account is enabled to for non-U.S. checks, whenever you place a new background check order you will first select the candidate's country of residence. You can then select your pre-configured bundle or package of choice, and/or any individual international screens before checking out.

Reviewing Results

All international employment verification results will indicate whether or not the candidate's prior employer was successfully verified. However, employers will need to click the attached report to view full details.





International Employment Verification requires the candidate to fill out extra additional forms and provide extra forms of identification. All candidates will need to submit:

  • Completed Application Form
  • Other documentation - Some employers may have unique processes for providing verifications that may include special authorization forms, experience letters, employment reference letters, etc. These additional requirements will be communicated at the time of ordering if the need for additional information arises with a specific employer.

Sources include Government agencies and employers across the country. In some countries, the records of former employees are not kept in a searchable form and contacting the supervisor or manager is normal practice. Name and title of the sources will be provided when applicable.

Please see our Verification Protocol page for more information.

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