• Updated on 21 Nov 2019
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Average Turnaround Time

The Average Turnaround Time for Germany is 18 to 22 days

Application Checklist

For an International Criminal Record Check in Germany, you must submit the following:

Completed Candidate Information Form
Completed and Signed Authorization Form
Passport Scan*
Germany Application Form and Instructions**

*Please note that any form of government issued ID can be accepted in lieu of passport scan.
**The information filled in the German consent form should be handwritten only.

Additional Information

The search is conducted at a Nationwide level and applicant participation is required based on German Law. The search returns offenses reportable based on the Federal Central Criminal Register Act. The German certificate is called Polizeliches Führungszeugnis. The Certificate will only be issued to the applicant themselves.

In Country Applicants: The applicant will be contacted with instructions for requesting the certificate. Please see the Germany Criminal Application Form and Instructions for details.

Out of Country Applicants: The Special Application Form is required for applicants that currently reside outside of Germany and the form must also be notarized. Please note that due to GDPR changes, applicants that reside out of country are now required to provide the original notarized application form. The instructions are listed in the Germany Criminal Application Form and Instructions Document. The candidate's contact information will be used, if needed, to follow up with the candidate to provide the certificate.

Due to data privacy laws, the authorities will not provide detailed information regarding the status of an application unless they are contacted by the applicant.

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