Delays and Closures
  • 26 Jul 2022
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Delays and Closures

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We're continuing to see COVID-related delays such as limited hours of operation and backlogs of open requests. We're doing everything we can to mitigate delays by leveraging multiple court runner networks and switching to electronic sources where possible. While some courthouses can disclose some information over the phone, the Fair Credit Reporting Act (FCRA) requires us to do more research to ensure maximum possible accuracy.

International Checks

As of 3/1/22
International checks in Ukraine and Russia are temporarily unavailable at this time due to the ongoing crisis in Ukraine. Government entities required to complete these checks have been highly disrupted, resulting in the inability to deliver results in a timely manner. Currently placed orders will be cancelled and refunded. We will provide an update when we are able to resume service.

International Criminal

We are receiving results but some countries are backlogged from when they were closed from the pandemic. The following countries are open with delays:

  • Puerto Rico (analysis searches only)
  • Bermuda
  • United Kingdom - UK is going into another lockdown we are still receiving results but please expect delays
  • Australia
  • Virgin Islands criminal (St. Thomas, St. Croix, St. John) The V.I. police are experiencing system issues which is causing a delay with results.

International Verifications

Delayed: International employment/education verifications may also be intermittently delayed depending on school/business closures due to COVID; verification attempts are continuing to be made.

Drug Screening
  • LabCorp Experiencing Extreme Delays - LabCorp's main lab in North Carolina continues to report extreme delays. As they continue to endure staffing challenges and work through an overwhelming influx of specimens, LabCorp is unable to provide a reporting ETA presently. While some non-negative specimens are being reported within 10 to 14 business days, others, specifically cotinine non-negative samples, are taking up to 30 business days to complete testing. Testing timetables restart each time the sample is requeued for testing. To combat this, LabCorp continues to mandate employee overtime and divert specimens to other LabCorp facilities for testing. However, with specimen rerouting, transit times are longer than usual.
  • Insufficient/Shortage of Quick Tests - Due to global supply chain shortages and logistical constraints, some drug test collection sites are being impacted with an insufficient amount of instant drug test kits. The lab networks are working with supply-chain specialists to ensure these issues can be mitigated as much as possible. Here are some important FAQs for employers and candidates who are ordering 5 and 10 panel quick tests. Read more
  • Call Ahead - We recommend having your applicants call the collection site to verify they are open and check for any modified hours, or appointment requirements. We will continue to post updates related to individual lab closures as we are notified. When a lab is confirmed to be closed, it will be removed from the scheduling widget in the GoodHire web app
  • Effective Immediately Masks Required All donors/applicants visiting a Quest Diagnostics PSC site for a drug screen will be required, upon entry, to pass a non-contact forehead temperature check and must wear a mask or face covering such as a bandana, scarf, or handmade mask. Donors/applicants with a temperature greater than 100.3 or without a mask will be turned away for not meeting these new requirements. Please share this with all of your applicants and donors.
  • No COVID-19 testing is currently being done at ANY Quest or LabCorp Occupational Workplace Testing Lab. They are being done at a limited number of their clinical labs
  • If your applicant/donor is feeling sick, please do not send them to a collection site for a drug screen collection
  • LabCorp is dedicating the first hour of each day, for the elderly and other vulnerable patients

Temporary Closures

Temporary Closures

Court Updates by Jurisdiction

State County Status Update Date Comments
AR Benton Delayed 7/26/22 As of 7/5/2022, the site is offline and we are unable to process Criminal and Civil orders. There is no known ETA for when the site will become accessible, however, we will provide updates as they are made available.
CA Sacramento Delayed 7/26/22 As of 3/29/2022, both the online site and in court PATs for Criminal orders are inaccessible and we are unable to retrieve case information. At this time, court clerks are unable to assist or provide any further details. We are still able to complete Criminal clears without limitations and will provide updates as they are made available. As of 4/8/22 the online site remains inaccessible, however, the in court PAT is providing limited case details. At this time, clerks are assisting with DOB confirmation and case retrieval for possible hits. Please expect extensive delays on Criminal orders having possible records.
CA Nevada Delayed 7/26/22 The online index is undergoing maintenance and we are unable to process orders via the automated agent at this time. Please expect delays as we conduct research via a conventional method.
CA San Bernardino Delayed 7/26/22 As of 2/24/2022, the online index is transitioning to a new system and we are unable to process Criminal and Civil searches via automation. There is no known ETA for when the site will be back online. Please expect delays as we work through orders via a conventional research method.
CA Sanoma Delayed 7/26/22 as a result of the CA Court public access DOB redaction ruling, DOBs have been removed from the online index and we are no longer able to obtain Criminal cases from the site. Due to this, any Criminal orders having possible hits will be conducted via a conventional method and will have a higher turnaround time for record retrieval. We are still able to complete Criminal clears and Civil searches without limitations and do not anticipate any delays for those orders.
CA ALL Delayed 7/26/22 DOB redaction laws are causing delays in certain areas by requiring court assisted searches. Read more
GA Chatham Delayed 7/26/22 Due to a recent platform change within the court's system, we are unable to complete orders through the automated agent. While Criminal and Civil orders are being completed via a conventional method, both platforms must be searched in order to obtain complete information. The new platform is also experiencing intermittent accessibility issues. Please expect extensive delays on all orders as access issues persist.
GA Richmond Delayed 7/26/22 As of 7/8/2022, we are only able to complete orders having no records via the automated agent. Please expect higher than normal delays on orders with possible records as our researchers have limited access to in-court PATs.
IL Cook Delayed 7/26/22 As of 12/23/21, the Public Access Terminal for Civil searches is back online and we are able to complete Civil orders. Please expect extensive delays as we work through orders from oldest to newest.
KY Graves Closed 7/26/22 As of 12/13/21, the courthouse is closed until further notice due to tornado damage. We are unable to complete Criminal and Civil orders at this time. There is no ETA for when we will be able to resume research. On 1/11/22: the clerks confirmed they are in the process of setting up a temporary location but are unable to provide an ETA for when the court will be operational. Additionally, it is unknown if the temporary location will have a PAT. We remain unable to conduct Criminal and Civil orders and will continue to provide details as they are available.1/18/22: While a temporary court location has been opened in Graves county, clerks have advised that there is no intention of installing a new public access terminal until the court has relocated to a permanent location which is not expected to happen for several more months.
ME ALL Delayed 7/26/22 State of Maine requires all statewide searches to be court assisted. There is a severe staff shortage right now causing significant turnaround time delays. Expect a minimum of 2 week turnaround time.
MI Kent Delayed 7/26/22 Clerks are assisting with DOB confirmation but are operating under a strict, 10 case per company, daily policy. Please expect extended delays on orders with possible hits.
MI Oakland Delayed 7/26/22 Due to challenges at the District court involving DOB confirmation, please expect extended delays on orders with possible cases. Orders that are clear, or only have possible cases in the Circuit Court should not be delayed.
TX Lubbock, Travis Delayed 7/26/22 Both counties have transitioned to a new system for their Public Access Terminal. Please expect delays processing both Criminal and Civil orders.On 12/15/21, the clerks began conducting research via the in-court PAT only and enforced a strict limitation on the number of names we can submit each day. Please expect extensive delays on all Criminal and Civil orders.

Motor Vehicle Record Searches

As you may have seen in our announcement last month, we joined forces with Checkr to help power the future of work. We are in the process of retooling our data suppliers to build better products for you with more ease of use, faster speed, and a great candidate experience. However, in this transition, we've experienced an operational hurdle resulting in delays with only Pennsylvania MVR checks.

While we work to resolve this, we're temporarily canceling new orders of Pennsylvania MVR checks. We apologize for this inconvenience and will inform you once the issue is resolved.

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