County Criminal Court Search
  • 10 Jan 2022
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County Criminal Court Search

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The County Criminal Court Search uses our national network of professional court runners to search at the county level for the most targeted, up-to-date and accurate information, particularly for counties where the records have not been digitized. The search returns infractions, misdemeanors, and felonies, such as DUIs, DWIs, assault, theft, and burglary.

There are two types of County Criminal Court Searches offered: the 7-Year County Check and the 10-Year County Check. In both cases, the county check searches up to 3 counties: one based on the current address provided, and the other two based on the results of the SSN Trace. How far back the SSN trace goes depends on which search the employer purchased.

For the 7-Year County Check, the results are guaranteed to include records within 7 years, plus any records beyond that which are readily accessible. For the 10-Year County Check, the results are guaranteed to include records within 10 years, plus any records beyond that which are readily accessible.


Both 7-Year County Checks are offered as part of GoodHire's Standard and Premium background check packages, or as an add-on to the Basic package.

Ordering a 10-Year County Check varies depending on the type of 10-Year County Check. If the check uses an SSN Trace to retrieve the candidate’s three most recent counties, then it will need to be added as part of a custom bundle. If the employer is selecting the county to search in, then the 10-Year County Check can be ordered as an add-on.


The County Criminal Court Search offers several add-on checks. After the initial 7-year or 10-year county check has begun running, employers can purchase additional county checks that will search in a county of the employer's choosing.

In some cases, employers will be able to purchase a 7-year county check that only searches the county of the current address. This check can only be purchased as part of a custom package.

Employers can also add an Alias Names Search to expand the search for county criminal records beyond the candidate’s legal name, to include any additional candidate-provided names, such as nicknames or maiden names. This search can also use aliases returned during the SSN Trace. Price is per candidate and returns results for up to 3 aliases.

Reviewing Results

If no records are found, the National Criminal Databases Search tab in the left navigation column will display a green checkmark. In the expanded state, it also lists the individual counties that were searched.


Clicking on a specific county will show a clear status, in addition to the candidate information that was used to search through the county.



If there are any records that match the candidate's name and date of birth, they will be displayed in the results tab of the County Criminal Court Search. Each record displays the record source and offender details, as well as any associated addresses.


Clicking "Show More Details" at the bottom of each record will expand the record to display the offenses attached, with each offense record containing substantial information about offense type, date, and outcome.


Turnaround Time & Additional Fees

Turnaround time for County Criminal Court Searches is typically 1 to 3 business days, depending on the county that is being searched.

Please note that some county courts charge extra fees to access their data. Depending on the county being searched, the total price of the County Criminal Court Search might exceed GoodHire's listed price.

For more information on specific county turnaround times, visit our County Court Fees & Turnaround Times Page


The records returned will only show convictions and pending cases. You will not see any non-convictions or dismissals on the report. Records will always include the name of the crime, the verdict, and the date of the verdict. Any other information included is optional.

The County Criminal Court Search will not return any standard traffic offenses, such as speeding or reckless driving. For standard traffic offenses, employers will need to purchase a Motor Vehicle Records Check.

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