Consent Forms
  • 02 Mar 2022
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Consent Forms

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Article Summary

Understand and use correct legal documents for all FCRA-compliant background check uses.

FCRA Candidate Disclosure and Authorization Packet

Used for candidates and employees. Contains FCRA Candidate Disclosure, Authorization Form, and Summary of Rights & State Laws Disclosures.

FCRA Candidate Disclosure

Used for anyone who will have candidates and employees.

FCRA Volunteer Disclosure

Used for anyone who will have volunteers.

FCRA Contractor Disclosure

Used for contractor candidates.

California Candidate Disclosure

Used for candidates residing in California, in addition to FCRA disclosure.

Drug Screening Consent Form

Used for candidates and employees who will undergo a Drug Screening.

Authorization Form

Used to obtain candidates' consent to a background check.

Summary of Rights and State Laws Disclosures

Provided at the same time as any Disclosure, in a separate document.

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