Candidate FAQ
  • 21 Jan 2021
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Candidate FAQ

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General Questions

What information does Goodhire collect to run my background check ?

Why do you need my Social Security number?

Do you share my personal info?

Why does a different name show up on my report under my SSN?

Why does my SSN Trace show a county I never lived in?

Why isn't my middle name required? Isn't that an identifier?

Can I still use your service if I'm not a business?

How are you sure that a record is mine?

What do I do if I have questions about records on my background check results?

How long will my background check take?

Why didn’t my criminal record show up on the background check?

What do I do if I find mistakes in my background check?

What if an employer decides not to hire me as a result of seeing my background check?

Employer Run Background Checks

How do I enter my information to start my background check?

What information will my background check return?

Does GoodHire compile a complete work history?

Why don't you call the number I provide for my Employer Verification?

Why do I have to provide a copy of my diploma for International Education Verifications?

Why can't I provide a copy of my diploma to complete my Education Verification?

Personal Background Checks

Can I run a background check on myself?

How much does my background check cost?

What background checks do you offer?

How often can I run a report on myself if I want to see what information shows up on my background check?

How do I share my results with employers and hiring managers?

How can I use my personal link?

Can my employer see the exact background check I ordered?

Will running my background check affect my credit score?

If my background check contains inaccurate information should I still share it?

Does a background check only use information from the United States?

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