• 10 Jun 2022
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Enable an easy way to export candidates from BreezyHR into your background check process

Enabling the BreezyHR integration allows you to quickly and easily order background checks for candidates within your BreezyHR hiring workflow. Report status and results are then shared within the candiate's profile within BreezyHR, allowing you to easily review everything for your candidate within one place.

Enabling the integration

Creating A New Account

GoodHire has recently been acquired by Checkr, as a result BreezyHR customers that do not have a GoodHire account who are wanting to run background checks will be redirected to Checkr for sign-up.

Placing Orders & Viewing Results

For Existing GoodHire Accounts

In reference to the Enablement note above, existing GoodHire | BreezyHR Customers are still be able to order background checks via the GoodHire API.

  1. From the Candidate Profile, head to the Other tab and choose Run Background Check from the drop-down. (Or, click the drop down on​ the upper right-hand side of the Profile, next to your Send Email button.)
  2. Choose which type of background check you want to run on the candidate
  3. Complete checkout within GoodHire
  4. View the report status within the candidate profile. Use the report link to view the results within GoodHire

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Are background check results available within Breezy HR?

Yes. Both the status of the report as well as a link to the report are available in the candidate's "Document" section within BreezyHR. They also show sections with "Alerts" or any required actions on this page.

Is the candidate stage changed within Breezy HR?

No. The candidate remains in whatever stage they were originally in. The action of the background check does not automatically move the candidate, and moving the candidate during the background check does not hinder the check either.

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