• Updated on 12 Mar 2020
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Ban-The-Box & Fair Hiring Laws By State

We update this overview of ban-the-box rules often. But laws change quickly, and we cannot guarantee all information is current. Always consult your attorney for legal advice.

Ban-the-box compliance, targeted screens, and individualized assessments apply only when taking adverse action due to criminal records. They are not required when taking adverse action based on non-criminal records.


Who must follow: This ban-the-box law applies only to state government employers in Maine. This includes positions in the legislative, executive, or judicial branch of the state government or positions with a quasi-independent state entity or public instrumentality of the state. This does not include positions in school districts or local county/municipality governments. Positions where an applicant may be disqualified on the basis of criminal history due to the specific nature or requirements of the job are exempt.

Timing of inquiry: Affected employers may not include any questions regarding an applicants’ criminal history in an application form for a position in state government.

Adverse action implications: None

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