ADP Workforce Now|TotalSource
  • 26 Oct 2021
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ADP Workforce Now|TotalSource

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Enable an easy way to export candidates from ADP Workforce Now|TotalSource into GoodHire's background check process

Enabling the ADP Workforce Now|TotalSource integration allows you to quickly and easily export candidates' details into GoodHire, and then easily trigger background reports. Report status and links are shared back to ADP Workforce Now|TotalSource, allowing you to easily see a candidate's overall status within one place.


  1. Existing GoodHire Account
  2. Existing ADP Workforce Now or ADP TotalSource Account
  3. Recruit Modual enabled in Workforce Now|Enhanced Talent Suite (ETS) in TotalSource

Enabling the integration

Company Admin Required

Only Admin GoodHire users can enable the ADP Workforce Now|TotalSource integration

  1. Select and purchase the GoodHire Connector for your system from within the ADP Marketplace:
  2. Copy your GoodHire account token from within the GoodHire Integrations page
  3. Paste the token into ADP app workflow. Once entered click "Check" and then "Continue"
  4. Complete the order and go to My Apps
  5. Click the "GoodHire Connector for Workforce Now|TotalSource" and complete the ADP consent

Adding Users

Users must log into the ADP Marketplace to be added to the integration.

Users added via the integration will receive a GoodHire login, which will give them the ability to log into GoodHire, place orders, and view results.

  1. Open the GoodHire Connector app in ADP Marketplace
  2. Click "Manage Users"
  3. Check the users you want to add, and click "Next"
  4. Click "Submit"

Placing Orders & Viewing Results

  1. Move applicant into "Background Check" stage
  2. After 1-2 minutes, a Background Checks section will be shown on the applicant's page. Click "View" on the GoodHire listing to be taken into GoodHire to complete the order.
  3. In GoodHire, click "Run" on the applicant.
  4. Continue through the the GoodHire order flow by selecting your package and checking out.
  5. After the order is placed, report status and results are linked back to the applicant's profile in ADP. Click "View" on the report link to see results.

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